This Terms of Use presents the “General Conditions” applicable to the use of application software for
mobile phone (app) offered by BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI. The user certifies that he agrees to all terms
set forth by BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI to access and request services. If you do not agree with the
terms and conditions of use of the system and the privacy policy of BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI or not
willing to be associated to it, do not install the app, delete it and do not make any use of it.
(I) “Taxi (s)”: User musts that register as taxi drivers on the Website and that is accepted by
BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI to participate in the project;
(Ii) “Passenger (s)” means any User who signs up and registers as passengers in the app;
(Iii) “Services” means the passenger transport services through taxi provided by the Taxi drivers to the
(Iv) “User”: Taxi Drivers and Passengers.
a) The BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI app is smart phone application for passengers that can be
downloaded and installed free of charge. It offers fast way of ordering a taxi. Through the system,
BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI allows, totally free of charge, the PASSENGERS to sign up and order a
taxi ride. System automatically finds a suitable taxi and displays the information about the arrival time and
taxi’s route.
a) When registering, the User agrees to provide accurate information, complete and updated as requested
on the form filled, being BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI not obliged to supervise or control the accuracy of
the information.
b) Only those individuals who have full legal capacity are allowed to participate in the project. People who
do not enjoy this capability, among them under aged, should be assisted by their legal representative.
d) The BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI is not liable for any damage resulting from the disclosure of the
password to third parties. You shall be solely responsible for this.
e) You may not transfer in any way, the user’s registration to a third party.
Relationship Driver Passenger:
a) BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI does not provide transportation services by taxi, serving only as an
intermediary in order to optimize the scheduling service for the taxi. Thus, by accepting the provision of
services by the TAXI DRIVER, the PASSENGER acknowledges that the BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI
has no direct association with the TAXI DRIVER, it just facilitates contact between driver and passenger.
The user acknowledges and agrees that BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI is not liable for any act or
omissions committed by any user, whether by robbery, commitment break as a result of any act,
discussions, and others including the effective fulfilment of the obligations assumed by the users and loss
not being for tax purposes. The user acknowledges and agrees that, by registering and accepting the policy
of the service, do so at his total means and exclusive risk.
From availability and inconsistency in the system:
b) BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI does not guarantee that the system will be available without any
interruption and that it will always be error-free, and therefore, shall not be liable for damages caused to
c) You agree that BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI is also not responsible for any damages or losses caused
to your smart phone as a result of using the spp.
d) BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI is not liable for any error or inconsistency of information with other
independent systems, specializing in the service provision for GPS, radar and similar.
Compensation for damages:
e) User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI and its representatives
from any claims, suits, losses, liabilities, damages and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and
court costs for the damage they cause.
a) The PASSENGER certifies that he uses the service for their own free will and untrammelled choice and
recognizes and accepts as its responsibility and risk for using the app.
The acceptance and refusal and cancellation of services:
b) The acceptance and denial of the service may occur at first by DRIVER, who can accept or deny the
service when receiving a notification for a ride. PASSENGER may cancel the contract for any reason.
Both recognize that BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI is not liable for any delays, cancellations, failure to
cancel the contract and miscommunication between passenger and driver, nor for any delay or failure in
the delivery of services from the DRIVER.
The information and risks of the service:
c) The PASSENGER acknowledges and declares that understands and is aware of all the risks involved in
the use of the app and contracting services.
d) By accepting the Services, the PASSENGER acknowledges that BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI has no
involvement in the contractual relationship between driver and passenger.
a) BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI will collect, store and may transmit or make available to any third party
data and information provided by the PASSENGER upon the registration on the Website, not limited to the
location, full name, last name, your profile photo, phone and for TAXI DRIVER, besides the previously
mentioned, the registration number and grantee or auxiliary data of your vehicle, such as make, model,
color and plate, among others.
b) BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI implements appropriate security measures to safeguard and help prevent
unauthorized access, change, unauthorized disclosure or removal without permission of any information
c) Whenever the PASSENGER conducts financial transactions on the Website, BEOGRADSKI 19801
TAKSI will collect all relevant information and may disclose it for specific system usage purposes. The
user now authorizes BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI to communicate to the outsourcing payment service
providers, if the user engages (or that BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI believe he was involved) in any
activity that is illegal, which violates the rights of any person or lead to suspension or termination of the
use of the system.
d) BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI shall not be liable for any loss of user data, including resulting from acts
of God, force majeure, that occurred because of the invasions to the Website and security breach by
unauthorized third parties.
a) The BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI may notify, suspend or terminate, temporarily or permanently, the
account of any user at any time, and take legal actions if: (i) violates any of the representations, warranties
and obligations contained in these Terms of Use any policies or rules and adjacent to it, (ii) deceptive or
fraudulent practices, or (iii) BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI concludes, in its sole discretion, that the
activities and attitudes have caused or may cause harm to others or the BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI in
its own. The user shall not be entitled to any indemnity or compensation for the cancellation or suspension
of your account on the system.
a) BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI grants to the User a limited, personal, nonexclusive, nontransferable,
non-commercial and fully revocable license to use the Website on his mobile or computer, in conformance
and agreement of the terms contained in this Agreement. BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI reserves all rights
to the Website not expressly granted here.
b) The BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI is not liable for any damage suffered by the User who has copied,
transferred, distributed or used any Website protected content, violating the rights of others.
a) This Term of Use does not generate any partnership agreement, in office, franchise or employment
relationship between the user and the BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI.
b) This Term of Use may be changed by BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI anytime. The changes will come
into force automatically on the date of the publication of the new version on the Website.
c) These Terms of Use shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of each country
and any disputes arising from this disclaimer which cannot be resolved by the parties, shall be submitted to
the jurisdiction of the each determined city.
d) By registering as a driver or passenger in the system and electronically accepting this Term, by clicking
the “I accept the terms of use”, the User declares automatically and unconditionally to comply with these
Terms and all other policies and rules available in the system.
Only registered users may use BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI to call for taxis. By registering to use the
service, you agree to:
a) Provide truthful and up to date information during the registration process, and shall only use the service
in good faith, without breaking any laws in the country where the taxi is requested.
b) Never abuse the service by requesting a taxi without the intention of using it. If a problem arises during
the use of the service, users shall, in good faith, attempt to solve the problem with the help of the taxi
driver and BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI’s customer service.
c) Never use the service in a way that causes damage to BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI or one of its
Users accept that BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI acts solely as a scheduling/matching service between its
users and taxi drivers, and that it is not responsible for any issues that arise during the taxi ride, such as
accidents, delays, or car discomfort.
BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI, on the other hand, commits to provide a thorough screening service so that
only taxi drivers in good, legal standing in their cities/countries shall take part on the service.
Use of the service does not trasmit any intellectual property rights between BEOGRADSKI 19801
TAKSI’s and its users. Users agree not to steal and/or publish, without BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI’s
explict consent, any material, screens or artwork presented by the application during the use of the service.
BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI reserves the right to block any user on its platform should it suspect said
user is attempting to abuse the platform or mislead taxi drivers, BEOGRADSKI 19801 TAKSI employees,
partners or other users through the platform. These actions include, but are not limited to: using stolen
credit cards, requesting taxis without the intention to board them, not paying for the service, and constantly
cancelling requests before the taxi arrives.